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சுரங்க குத்தகைதாரர்கள் அரசின் முன் ஒப்புதல் இன்றி ஒப்பந்த பணியாளர்களை சுரங்க பணிக்கு நியமிக்க முடியாது.

சுரங்க பணியில் கனிம சலுகை விதி 37 படி அரசின் முன் ஒப்பளிப்பு இன்றி ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர்கள் நியமிக்க படக் கூடாது என்பதை அரசு தொழிற்துறை துணை செயலர் கடித எண் 22345/D.1/81-2 நாள் 05.05.1981 படி தெரியப்படுத்தி இதனை அனைவரும் கடைபிடிக்க அனைத்து மாவட்ட ஆட்சியருக்கும் நகல் இட்டுள்ளார்கள். எனவே கனிம தொழிலாளர்கள் எங்கேனும் சட்ட விதிக்கு முரணாக ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர் மூலம் பணி செய்யப் பட்டால் அதனை அரசின் கவனத்திற்கு கொண்டு வந்து கனிம தொழிலாளரின் பணி வாய்ப்பை உறுதி செய்ய ஆவண செய்யலாம்.

இந்தியன் ரேர் எர்த் நிறுவனத்தின் பாரபட்சமான போக்கு.

இந்தியன் ரேர் எர்த் நிறுவனம் மாவட்ட ஆட்சி தலைவர் பணி வழங்க சொல்லியும் பாரப்பட்டு கிராம மக்களுக்கு பணி வழங்க மறுத்தது. கனிம சட்டப்படி சுரங்க பணிக்கு நிலம் கொடுத்தவர்களுக்கு வேலையில் முன் உரிமை கொடுக்க வேண்டும் என உள்ளது. ஆனால் இந்த இனத்தில் நிலம் இழந்தவர்கள் நிறுவனத்தை அணுகும் போதும் வேலை மறுக்கப் பட்டது. அரசு நிறுவனம் விதிகளை கடை பிடிக்க வேண்டும் என்று கூறும் இந்த நிறுவனம் குறிப்பிட்ட சில சங்கங்களுக்கு மட்டும் மாவட்ட ஆட்சியர் சொன்னார் என்ற பெயரில் ஒப்பந்தம் கொடுத்திருப்பது சரி தானா? அனைவரையும் ஒன்றாக நடத்த வேண்டாமா?

Request to cancel the company CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192 Benamy Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries and to take action against erring officers

Copy of mail sent to the Honourable Prime Minister and other Ministers and Secretaries and other Head of Departments of State and Central Government Departments with a request to take action for cancellation of the company Registered in the name of Benamy federation and to take action against the corrupted officials and to file the real fact in the PIL.


To                                                                                                                   Date : 22.10.2018

  1. The Secretary to Govt.,

     Ministry of Corporate Affairs,

     New Delhi


  1. The Regional Director of Company Affairs,



  1. The Registrar of Companies,


 Copy Submitted to :

 The Honorable Prime Minister of India,

South Block, New Delhi

and all other honorable Ministers and Secretaries and Head of the Departments Central and State Govt., of Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Orissa.

Most Respected Sir,

                        Sub:   Request to cancel the company CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192 registered in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries, Chennai by Mr. Dhayadevadas, the hooligan of Mr.Dhanuskodi Adhithan, Former Central Minister who make false complaint against beach mineral industry –  reg

 You know very well that, India has 35% of total world reserve of the beach minerals compared to the reserve and mining ratio India is fare below than even small countries. In case these are not used within a reasonable time, these all become waste due to technology changes.  Considering the above facts, the then BJP Government Headed by Shri. A.P.Vajpayee ji, simplify the procedures and open the field to private players. So our Indian Export increased from 35 Crore rupees to Rs.2500 Crores per year and new employment generation also created for 50,000 employees. Our India become No.1 producer among world.

One illegal mining Don Mr. Dayadevadoss is doing the same Garnet Business in various names  such as Southern Enterprices, Indian Garnet Sand Company, Bengal Bay Beach Minerals etc.,

Since, Mr. Dayadevadoss could not succeed in the business, he sent number of false complaint petitions in various names to various Government officials and District Collector etc.  All the petitions were considered by the officials and closed as “Deserve No Merit”.

Mr. Dayadevadoss make it as a hobby to write false and imaginary allegations against the Government officials and against all the private beach mineral mining industries then and there in his name as well as his friends name.

Dayadevadoss registered a company in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries under the Company Act. Only one person Mr.Dayadevadoss alone the lessee member in the Federation and make false complaints. Since he made lot of false complaint in the Federation name the above fact have been reported to the higher forums. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has directed the regional Director of Company affairs to enquire about the Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industry vide CBI letter No. C6/Misc.complt./03/CBI/EOW/Chennai dated 16.12.2003.  The Company registrar also directed the regional Director of Company affairs to enquire about the Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industry.

Due to business rivalry, every time Mr. Dhayadevadas make false complaints against private beach mineral mining lessees as well as State and Central Govt., officials by using the benamy Federation name.  The officials by believing that this is a really a Federation, conduct enquiry and submit reports that these petitions are false and made due to business rivalry.  One of the report send by Govt., of Tamilnadu Industries department letter No. 17585/MMA1/03-9 dated 24.11.2004 is available in Govt., of India, Ministry of Mines File No. 7/33/2000-M.IV.

Mr. Dhayadevadas again submit 10 complaint petitions in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries to Ministry of Mines, which was forwarded to State Government for enquiry. After detailed enquiry the Principal Secretary to Govt., of Tamilnadu send a detailed report to Ministry of Mines replying for all the 40 allegations made by the petitioner vide Industries Department letter No.7810/MMD.2/2011-1 dated 23.07.2013. The Principal Secretary has specifically pointed out that,

i)                  There is business rivalry between Dhayadevadas and VV Mineral.

ii)                All the complaint petitions are made due to business rivalry

iii)             All the complaints were verified and found as false.

iv)            There is no Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries. But it is a company registered only to make false complaints against his competitors.

v)                Mr.Dhayadevadas is a habitual petition writer and to threaten State  and Central Govt., officials, he make the false complaint petition making allegation against the Govt., officials.

vi)             The complaint petitions are without any basis.

The above reports are available in Govt., of India, Ministry of Mines file No. 16/36/2011-M.VI

Since India become No. 1 in this beach minerals field and since Indian producers are become No.1, some of the foreign companies, not only loose the market, but they loose their share value also. Famous companies like Iluka etc., are closing their mines. So they spend lot of money to disturb Indian beach mineral industries thereby to recapture their market share. So they feed lot of money to Mr.Dhayadevadas and some corrupted media people to make false complaints and propaganda.

In fact, this is not a federation, but this is a company. The only one mining lessee is Mr. Dhayadevadas alone.  He using the name to make complaints against officials as well as private beach mineral players. Some of the corrupted officials also colluded with him and get their share.

Mr.Dhayadevadas has involved large scale illegal mining in Trichy District. Already the Trichy District Collector has imposed Rs.53 Lakhs Penalty for one illegal mining vide Proceedings No. e.f.m.312/97 ehs; 22.01.2009. Based on the order of the Honourable High Court in W.P.(MD) No. 175/2010, the Government inspected and captured large scale illegal mining of 3.9 million M.Ton of rare minerals on red handed and take action against Mr. Dhayadevadas. His review petition against the said order was also dismissed by the Division Bench in Review Application No. 61 of 2011 on 12.12.2013 and SLP before the Honourable Supreme Court which was also dismissed in SLP CC Nos. 740-741 of 2015 on 02.02.2015.

            Now he using the same benamy Federation name to cheating and threatening the State Govt., officials and there by drop the action taken against him in illegal mining case. Some of the officials from Tamilnadu Govt., also colluded with him.

            Our humble request to the Honourable Prime Minister and other Honourable Ministers and Secretaries are,

(a)              To give direction to the authorities to cancel the registration of the company registered in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries (CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192)

(b)            To give a direction to all the Company Registrar not to register any company in the name of Federation without due enquiry and public notice.

(c)              To direct the CBI to make an enquiry about the nexus between Mr. Dhayadevadas and the corrupted officials engaged in Indian Bureau of Mines, Atomic Minerals Directorate and Tamilnadu State Geology and Mining Department and the State and Central Government advocates in Madras High Court and to take stringent action against the corrupted officials.

In case, you conduct the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI), you can find out that, they did not give consent for such registration and the company is cheating government as well as private players to believe it as a “Federation”.

Though Tamilnadu Govt., has already reported to Govt., of India that There is no Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries. But it is a company registered only to make false complaints against his competitors  vide Tamilnadu Govt.,  letter No. 7810/MMD.2/2011-1 dated 23.07.2013 which is available in Ministry of Mines file No. 16/36/2011-M.VI , either Central Govt., Ministry of Mines or Atomic Energy Department or Atomic Minerals Directorate or Indian Bureau  of Mines or any other Government Department did not bring the above said fact in the PIL W.P.No. 1592 of 2015 pending before the Honourable High Court of Madras. This alone will establish the nexus between the corrupted officials and Mr. Dhayadevadas colluded to destroy Indian beach mineral industries.

For your ready reference I am attaching herewith Tamilnadu Government report dt. 23.7.2013. If you go through the said report in page 2, 3rd para, the State Government categorically reported that, this is a benamy Federation registered only to make complaints against his business competitors and against the Government officials.

Thanking you

Yours truly

R. Balakrishnan,


Southern Region Mines and Mineral Based Workers Welfare Association

TN Gov lr to MOM

முற்பகல் செய்யின் பிற்பகல் வரும்

தனியார் தாது மணல் தொழிலை கெடுப்பதற்கு இந்திய அருமணல் ஆலையில் வேலை பார்க்கும் லீகல் ராமகிருஷ்ணன் என்பவர் உயர் அதிகாரிகளிடம் தவறான தகவல் கூறி மத்திய அரசு வழக்கறிஞருக்கு உதவி செய்ய நீதிமன்றம் செல்வதாக அனுமதி பெற்று தனியார் நிறுவனங்கள் மற்றும் மத்திய மாநில அரசுகளுக்கு எதிராக வாதாடும் அமிக்கஸ் கியூரிக்கு ஆதரவாக செயல்பட்டார். பல்வேறு தொழிலாளர்கள் இது பற்றி அணுசக்தி துறை பாரத பிரதமர் உட்பட அனைவருக்கும் மனு அனுப்பியும் இது பற்றி எந்த நடவடிக்கையும் எடுக்கப்படவில்லை. அவர்களது கெடு செயலுக்கு தற்போது கடவுளே மீனவர்கள் உருவத்தில் மாவட்ட ஆட்சியரிடம் மனு கொடுக்க வைத்து விட்டார். மற்றவர்கள் தொழிலை கெடுத்து நாம் மட்டும் ஏகபோகமாக கொழிக்கலாம் என நினைத்த இந்திய அருமணல் ஆலை நிறுவனத்திற்கு இந்த தண்டனை தேவை தான்.


குமரி கடற்கரைகளில் தாது மணல் அள்ளுவதை தடை செய்ய வேண்டும் – கலெக்டரிடம் மீனவர்கள் மனு
குமரி மாவட்ட கடற்கரைகளில் தாது மணல் அள்ளுவதை தடை செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று கலெக்டரிடம் மீனவர்கள் மனு கொடுத்தனர்.

நாகர்கோவிலில் உள்ள கலெக்டர் அலுவலகத்தில் நேற்று மக்கள் குறைதீர்க்கும் நாள் முகாம் நடந்தது. முகாமுக்கு கலெக்டர் பிரசாந்த் வடநேரே தலைமை தாங்கி பொதுமக்களிடம் இருந்து மனுக்கள் வாங்கினார்.

அப்போது மாவட்டத்தின் பல்வேறு பகுதிகளை சேர்ந்த பொதுமக்கள் கல்வி உதவி தொகை, பட்டா பெயர் மாற்றம், மாற்றுத்திறனாளி நலஉதவி தொகை, முதியோர் உதவி தொகை, விதவை தொகை உள்ளிட்ட பல்வேறு நலத்திட்ட உதவிகள் கோரி 284 கோரிக்கை மனுக்கள் பெறப்பட்டது. அவற்றை வாங்கிய கலெக்டர் பிரசாந்த் வடநேரே, சம்பந்தப்பட்ட துறை அதிகாரிகளிடம் வழங்கி உரிய நடவடிக்கைகளை விரைவாக மேற்கொள்ள உத்தரவிட்டார். இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் மாவட்ட வருவாய் அதிகாரி ரேவதி, மாவட்ட ஆதிதிராவிடர் மற்றும் பழங்குடியினர் நல அதிகாரி எஸ்.கிறிஸ்டோபர் ஜெயராஜ் மற்றும் அனைத்துத்துறை அரசு அதிகாரிகள் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.

இதேபோல் கத்தோலிக்க திருச்சபையின் கோட்டார் மறை மாவட்டத்துக்கு உட்பட்ட கடலோர அமைதி மற்றும் வளர்ச்சி அமைப்பு சார்பில் அதன் இயக்குனர் அருட்பணியாளர் ஸ்டீபன் தலைமையில் அருட்பணியாளர்கள், மீனவர்கள் ஏராளமானோர் நேற்று கலெக்டர் பிரசாந்த் வடநேரேவிடம் மனு கொடுத்தனர். அந்த மனுவில் கூறப்பட்டு இருப்பதாவது:-

குமரி மாவட்டத்தில் 43 கடற்கரை பங்குகள் உள்ளன. இந்த கடற்கரை பங்குகளில் ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் இந்திய அரிய வகை மணல் ஆலை நிறுவனத்தின் சார்பில் கடற்கரைகளில் கனிம (தாது) மணல் எடுப்பதால் கடல் அரிப்பு ஏற்பட்டு பல வீடுகள் சேதமடைவதோடு, பல வீடுகள் கடலால் அடித்து செல்லப்பட்டுள்ளது. மேலும் ஏராளமானோருக்கு புற்றுநோய் பாதிப்பு இருப்பதாக கண்டறியப்பட்டுள்ளது.

எனவே கனிம மணல் அள்ளுவதை தடை செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று குமரி மாவட்டத்தில் உள்ள அனைத்து கடற்கரை பங்கு பேரவை சார்பில் முடிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. இனி வருகிற காலங்களில் மக்களின் குடியிருப்புகளை காக்கவும், புற்று நோயில் இருந்து விடுபட வேண்டிய நல் எண்ணத்தோடு இந்த முடிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. அதனால் உடனடியாக குமரி மாவட்டத்தில் இந்திய அரிய வகை மணல் ஆலை மூலம் மணல் அள்ளுவதை தடை செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று அதில் கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Source :–fishermen.vpf

சீனாவோடு ஒப்பிடும் போது இந்தியாவில் 7 சதவீத பொருள் போக்குவரத்து மட்டுமே கடல் வழியாக நடைபெறுகிறது.

கடல் வழி போக்குவரத்தே மலிவானது. சீனாவின் பொருளாதார வளர்ச்சிக்கு இதுவும் ஒரு காரணம். ஆனால் இந்தியாவில் கடல் வழி போக்குவரத்து 7 சதவீதம் மட்டும். இதர 93 சதவீத பொருட்கள் சாலை மற்றும் ரயில் மார்க்கமாகவே கொண்டு செல்லப்படுகின்றன. கட்டுரையாளர் இதனை விரிவாக அலசி உள்ளார்.


A lesson From China – Coastal Economy

Of the many setbacks that the mining industry faces, one was highlighted in a report published in Business Standard last week- steep logistics cost! According to the report, logistics costs is the stone tied to the legs of our mining companies, the load that that slows them down in a fiercely competitive global race. India’s logistics cost as a percentage of GDP is 14 %  against the US and Japan’s 10% and EU’s 11%. For the costs to come down, the constraints in infrastructure have to be dealt with. In a country like India where grave issues like poverty, poor health care, and illiteracy vie for a larger share of the public expenditure pie, developing infrastructure for trade doesn’t happen easily.  Developing roadways and railways to match the needs of our industries are challenges so humongous that it is understandable if the pace of progress is slow. But what is baffling is the under-utilisation of a boon bestowed upon us by nature – our 7500 km coastline!

In the past year, waterways as a mode of transport accounted only for 6 % of the fright while 87% of India’s cargo was transported using high-cost roads and rails. According to the ministry of shipping, coastal shipping costs one-sixth of rail costs. Concentrating on improving port infrastructure with the focus on clear policies, and effective finance mechanisms can help India save billions of dollars in lower logistics cost which would, in turn, spur competitiveness and economic growth. According to a research report in Morgan Stanley, coastal shipping has the potential to totally revolutionise bulk transportation and result in a saving of 2.5 Billion $ by 2025 for India. The savings could percolate to the ends of the value chain to end-user industries who will most likely use them to expand operations and create more jobs. Realising this potential the Government had started the Sagarmala initiative to give impetus to port-led development. But evidently more needs to be done. The turn around times at Indian ports is twice that of Colombo or Singapore which holds the mirror to our insufficient infrastructure.

In a NITI blog titled Jobs, Growth and Coastal Economic Zones, NITI Aayog chairman, Mr. Arvind Panagriya urges India to take cues from China’s successful Coastal economic zone development model. He says small firms in manufacturing have very low labour productivity much like agriculture whereas large firms can employ more, pay more and thereby boost the economy. Large firms by their very presence can push ancillary small and medium enterprises to strive for excellence.

Here is China’s growth story in his words :

The single most important key to China’s success in manufacturing has beenits decision to go for the large world markets in preference to its much smaller domestic market. In 1980 when China’s GDP was less than $500 billion at today’sprices and exchange rate, it began by establishing four very large Special Economic Zones (SEZs) along its southeast coast. These zones were located directly across from Taiwan and Hong Kong, which then faced the prospect of being priced out of the world market due to their high wages. Shenzhen, one of these four SEZs, was then at best semi-urban with a population of 300,000. Attracted by low wages and business- and foreign- investment-friendly environment, investors from Hong Kong immediately flocked to this SEZ. Coastal location allowed these firms to operate in the world markets unhindered by the poor infrastructure in the hinterland, especially in the early years. They could import inputs from and export outputs to foreign destinations. Employment opportunities for Chinese workers multiplied.Today, Shenzhen has a population of 11 million and it boasts of gross city product of $265 billion.

Contrast this story with our ports. Let’s pick one closer home – Tuticorin which is conveniently located at the southern tip near the East-west trade route. It holds the same export potential as Shenzhen. The same semi-urban skilled population.  But the parallel ends there. Unlike people of Shenzhen, we are shunning large export-oriented firms that bring us growth. Ignorant of the benefits that the whole economy reaps from their operations, we scorn at their big profits. With the shut down of Sterlite and ban of exports of beach minerals, the cargo volume at the Tuticorin port has plummeted instead of growing. When growth doesn’t happen, how can we improve infrastructure? And without adequate infrastructure how can our companies be competitive? The current industrial sky spells gloom and it looks like our Mining companies have to continue running with the stone weight for a long time to come.

Source :


லேட்டா வந்தாலும் லேட்டஸ்டா வந்தது.

தாது மணல் பிரச்சனையில் ஐந்து ஆண்டுகள் கழித்து மோடி அரசின் நடவடிக்கை

தாது மணல் பிரச்சனையில் சில சமூக விரோதிகள் பணம் பறிப்பதற்காக பொய் புகார்களை தொடர்ந்து எழுதி வருகிறார்கள். ஊழலில் திழைத்த சில அதிகாரிகளும் ரொட்டி துண்டுக்கு ஆசைப்படும் சில பத்திரிக்கையாளர்களும் இதற்கு பக்கவாத்தியம் வாசிக்கிறார்கள். இந்த அநாகரிகமான செயல்களுக்கு ஒரு முற்றுப்புள்ளி வைப்பதற்காக பிரதமர் DAE Minutes-minஅலுவலகத்தில் முறையீடு செய்ததன் பேரில் அப்போதைய பிரதமர் அணுசக்தி துறையில் இது பற்றி கலந்து ஆலோசிக்க அறிவுரை வழங்கினார். அதன்படி 2013-ம் வருடமே உயர் அதிகாரிகள், தாது மணல் உற்பத்தியாளர்கள் அடங்கிய கூட்டம் அணுசக்தி துறையில் நடந்தது. அப்போது அனைத்து துறைமுகங்களிலும் தாது மணல் ஏற்றுமதியில் அணு கனிமங்கள் உள்ளதா என்பதை கண்டறிய அலுவலர்களையும், உபகரணங்களையும் அமர்த்தவும், அதற்கு தேவையான இடம், வாடகை செலவு முதலியவற்றை தாது மணல் உற்பத்தியாளர்களே ஏற்றுக் கொள்வதாகவும் முறையிடப் பட்டது. (பத்தி 6(iii))

இது பற்றி அரசு ஒரு நடவடிக்கையும் எடுக்காத நிலையில் மீண்டும் மீண்டும் அரசிடம் இது பற்றி வலியுறுத்தியதன் அடிப்படையில் தனியார் தாது மணல் ஏற்றுமதி மீது கூறப்படும் பொய் குற்றச்சாட்டுகளை முழுவதும் துடைத்தெரிய வகை செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று சில குறிப்பிட்ட கனிமங்களை அதாவது இரும்பு தாது, நிலக்கரி போன்ற கனிமங்களை தனியார் குவாரி செய்தாலும் அரசு நிறுவனத்தின் மூலம் மட்டுமே ஏற்றுமதி செய்ய முடியும் என்பது போல் இந்த தாது மணல் கனிமங்களையும் அரசு மூலமே ஏற்றுமதி செய்ய வேண்டும் என ஆணை பிறப்பித்து இனி இது போல் பொய்யான குற்றச்சாட்டுகளை வராமல் இருக்க இந்திய அரசு நடவடிக்கை எடுத்துள்ளது. இதற்கு பரவலாக அனைத்து உற்பத்தியாளர்கள் மட்டும் அல்ல தொழிலாளர்களுமே வரவேற்பு தெரிவிக்கிறோம்.


DAE Minutes-min

India’s mineral deposits: A boon or curse?

Despite large mineral deposits, the journey of minerals from mining site to industry and to conversion into end products is complex and conflict ridden, says Ranjay Sinha*

It is well known fact that minerals are the natural inorganic components of the earth crust (except fossils fuels like coal and petroleum) and found as an integral part of the rocks. They have economic value and considered as the back bone of industries. It is also true that the mineral deposits are limited and cannot be created by humans.

India has large deposits of minerals (see box) that go in for value addition to make cement, steel, aluminium, electricity, etc. Mining of minerals and mineral based industries play a major role in the economy in generating direct and indirect employment and adding revenue to government treasury.

The journey of minerals from their mining site to the industries and converting into end products seems very straightforward but in Indian scenario is it so? Have the mineral based operations been taking place without hurdle and conflicts? Is central and state policies industry friendly? Is obtaining the mining lease within limited time period possible? There are so many queries and urgent need to evaluate the queries.

After extensive paper work and investing lots of time and effort in submitting the lease application, the application is subject to minute scrutiny. In case of major minerals the application is sent for approval to the center. After getting the letter of Intent (LOI) the next step is acquiring the land or the consent for prospecting. If the land belongs to the government then it is easy to acquire but in case of the private or forest land it becomes a very tough task.

With private land owners not keen to give their land for the mining purpose the lessee even after acquiring the land is not sure how long the mining operation can be continued. Because after investing a huge fund in the long lease if there is any protest, the operation gets stopped by the government.

Moreover, the companies have to conduct a public hearing under the guidelines of Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF) as well as the state pollution control board. This public hearing is chaired by the district collector along with other government officials and near the location of mining. On the basis of successful public hearing where locals give consent to start the project, the proposed project is approved by the government.

In return, land owners are paid compensation for the land, care is taken for providing local employment (both direct and indirect) and also for contributing towards the CSR activities in and around the areas.

But the main conflicts here are between the environmentalists and the mining companies.  Environmentalists are concerned about the environment degradation due to pollution. In addition, NGOs also come forward to protest the mining by highlighting the local issues which are affected by the mining.

Sometimes the protest against the mining becomes so widespread that the conflicts converts into a legal battle and ultimately by the order of either the High Court or Supreme Court the mining is stopped. There are so many cases in Orissa, Jharkhand, Goa, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh etc where mining activities has stopped resulting in adverse affect on employments as well as huge loss of government revenue. Now after this exertion it seems possible to look at mineral deposits in India as a curse.

In contrast the time has come to think over it and take concrete steps to keep the mining industries alive. The government must take initiatives to look after these problems especially related with the environmental parameters. The MoEF has already laid down the guideline terms of reference (TOR ) before providing its consent to operate to the mining industry Similarly, Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) also closely monitors the mining plan which is submitted by the mining industries. But still there is lack of co-ordination between the environmentalists and mining industries due to which conflicts take place.

Therefore, the governments and NGOs must plan a strategy to come out of the conflicts and make mining operation eco-friendly. The situation must be balanced with environmental norms. The lease boundaries must be bordered by the thick plantation to reduce the air pollution and noise pollution and the protection of the surrounding greenery should be on priority list.

The tipper carrying the mineral ores for transportation must be covered to reduce the dust pollution. Entire transportation route from mining site to the ore stock yards must be sprinkled with water to suppress dust pollution. There should not be any discharge of slurry or other mining products into the nearby water body to prevent water contamination.

In addition, the machinery involved in the mining operation should be maintained from time to time to avoid any oil spilling and reduce noise pollution. The other safety norms under the guidelines of DGMS (Director General of Mines Safety) must be on higher side to avoid any type of casualties. There should not be over exploitation of the minerals and mining should be substantial.

Strict action must be taken by the government if any illegal mining activities take place by any mining industries in terms of violating the approved mining plans and EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) report. But sometimes the punishment is also faced by companies who are completely in legal mining i.e., they do not extend their mining activities beyond the approved mining lease area and do not exceed their production capacity beyond their mining plan. And once again as consequence, the entire mining operation gets banned and the employment ratio drops.

Such notion must be abolished and the government must always think positively about mining industries because it plays a major role in revenue generation and provides large volume of direct and indirect employment.

Moreover, although the state government has notified the mineral bearing area or zone, most of the minerals bearing area either belongs to the private owners or to the forest. Therefore state government must reserve those areas only for the mining and mining base industries activities. In this way, the problems and hurdles regarding land consent can be minimised.

In addition, the exploitation and misuse wastage of the minerals can be prevented. A lot of aluminiferous bauxite was mined and utilised in the construction of the roads and bridges while construction of the coastal highway along the Konkan Coast in Maharashtra. Moreover, local residents go for the mango plantation as it is a commercial crops. They remove the aluminiferous lateritic rocks by blasting or drilling in search of the soil and these rocks are then utilised either in constructing the fencing or in construction of houses. So in all the ways it is complete wastage of the minerals and violation of MMDR Act.

The rare earth minerals like ilmenite, monazite, zircon, rutile, sillimanite, garnet etc together form massive deposits of about 600 million tones and are found only along the coastal stretches of India not elsewhere, These are a type of placer deposits and generally mixed with the beach sands and available in the intertidal zone. Earlier these minerals were mined easily but after the implementation of CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) in 1991, these deposits fall in CRZ 1 category means highly sensitive areas and these areas must be protected from any type of activities.

In consideration of the global warming and future rise in sea level it is also necessary to protection the intertidal zone and prevent the beach sand and sand dunes mining activities. But these beach areas are considered very much favourable for tourism and being exploited by the resorts, restaurants, hotels entrepreneurs by violating the CRZ rule. They are easily getting permission from the government to go for these constructions but for mining activities it is a complete refusal by the government. Because of these huge anthropogenic activities coastal areas need to go for Coastal Zone Management Plan too.

The reason behind it is that in spite of presence of the heavy minerals in the form of black sands along the coast, the area has not yet been reserved for the mining. The mining of these rare earth minerals may be possible by taking all the necessary steps related with the safety and environment. In case of intertidal zone the impact of the mining activity would not be much prominent as the mined area would immediately reclaimed by deposits by the sea water during high time. But in case of the mining out of the high tide line all the environmental and safety norms has to be followed on priority.

In spite of having our own mineral resources, the country is forced to import minerals like coal, iron ore, rock phosphate etc and which affect the market in costing. The prices of steel, cement, crude oil are rising daily and affecting the budget of Indian citizen.

Every year numbers of mining engineers, surveyors and geologists get their final degrees from various institutes and universities. It makes no sense to have these courses if there is no opening in the market for jobs in the mining industries.

Hence; both the central and state governments, if they wish to keep alive mining and mineral based industries must monitor policies closely for proper implementation.. An awareness program must be conducted among the people about the importance of mining and mineral based industries.

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Request to register case through CBI Against Dhayadevadas for the illegal activities and use the company name as Federation

Today mail as well as letter with attachments send to the Honourable Prime Minister, Other Ministries and the Secretaries to take criminal action against Mr. Dhayadevadas for using company name as Federation and do illegal activities which given below for our members information.



The Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji,

South block, New Delhi

Most Respected Modi ji,

            Sub : Humble request to take action against Mr. D. Dayadevadas who is swindling money by way of illegal means in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries with the help of Ex.Congress Central Minister Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan – Reg

            Ref : 1. Registration of Indian Garnet Sand Company Private Limited No.  18315 of 1989

  1. Company Registration CIN No. U91110TN2003NPL050192 of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries
  1. CBI Letter No. C6/Misc.Complt./03/CBI/EOW/Chennai dated                           16.12.2003
  1.   Registrar of Companies, Chennai letter No. Roc/IPC/50192/2003                            dated 03.09.2003
  1. Photograph of Dhayadevadas and Dhanuskodi Adithan with the   Former Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh

            Mr. Dhayadevadas was political PA of the Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan, Ex.Congress Member of Parliament and Ex. Congress Central Minister.

            They have registered company in the name of Indian Garnet Sand Company, Mr. Dhayadevadas and Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan and their wife’s were Director of the said company. They also registered a firm in the name of Southern Enterprises and doing illegal mining in a large scale in Tamilnadu, particularly in Trichy District.

            They are giving trouble to the law obeying companies in the name of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries which is a company registered under Indian company Act.  Except his own Indian Garnet Sand and Southern Enterprises non of the placer mining lessees are members in the above said bogus federation.  Dhayadevadas use the said bogus Federation name to threaten the officials and to make false complaints against other law obeying companies.

            Complaints were send to various authorities, when the Honorable Vajbayee was the Prime Minister. The CBI directed the Regional Director of the Company Affairs to take appropriate action. Unfortunately after the BJP Govt., changed, Mr. Dayadevadas influenced the congress government and stop the legal action against him. In fact, no university gave him Doctorate. But he put Dr. before his name to threaten the officials. So for this also, a criminal action should be taken. Dhayadevadas used the photo joined with  Ex.Prime Minister and Mr. Dhanuskodi Adithan to threaten the officials and there by prevent them from taking action against him and influenced the officials to act against Indian Exporters, as, he has got huge money from overseas companies for the stoppage of Indian beach Mineral export which is a threat to the developed countries like Australia, South Africa and China etc.,  Because of Dhayadevadas illegal action,  even though India has more than 40% of the total world reserve, our export earning is very meagre while comparing to other countries. In case, the technology is changed the entire mineral wealth will become waste and most of the minerals will be transported to adjoining countries and within India it will be used for domestic purpose such as filling the pits and for construction work etc., Thus the valuable mineral wealth become waste because of the illegal action of Mr.Dhayadevadas.

            I therefore request the Honourable Prime Minister that, a suitable direction may kindly be given to the CBI to enquire about the nexus between Mr. Dhayadevadas and the overseas companies who are influenced to stop the Indian Beach Mineral Export and the officials who are colluded with this criminal man.

If a CBI enquiry is conducted, and the phone statement are verified, you  can find out that, officials from Ministry of Mines, as well as AMD and Ministry of Commerce etc., are also colluded with him for this illegal activities.

Thanking you

Yours truly



Copy submitted to :

1.The Honourable Home Minister, New Delhi

  1. The Honourable Commerce Minister, New Delhi
  2. The Honourable Mines Minister, Ministry of Mines, New Delhi
  3. The Honourable Minister of State, Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai
  4. The Honourable Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi
  5. The Honourable Minister of State, Department of Revenue, New Delhi
  6. The Director, CBI, New Delhi
  7. The Vigilance Commissioner, New Delhi
  8. All the Department Secretaries of Government of India
  9. All the Head of the Departments / Directors


CBI and company affairs letter



Trimex keen on expandingpresence in Srikakulam

ஆந்திராவில் தாது மணல் எடுத்தால் அது சுற்றுச்சூழலுக்கு உகந்தது. ஏனென்றால் அந்த கம்பெனி தொடர்ந்து இந்து பத்திரிக்கைக்கு விளம்பரம் கொடுக்கிறது. தமிழ்நாட்டில் தாது மணல் எடுத்து அது சுற்றுச்சூழல் பாதிப்பு. ஏனென்றால் இந்து பத்திரிக்கைக்கு விளம்பரம் கொடுக்கவில்லை. இது தான் இந்து பத்திரிக்கையின் கொள்கையோ!!!


Trimex keen on expandingpresence in Srikakulam


Govt mulls single clearance for environment, forest for 288 mining leases

Of the 288 mining leases, 59 are working leases, which give
substantial production of key minerals viz iron ore, manganese,
chromite ore etc

The government has given in-principle approval to provide
single clearance for environment and forest to the new lease
holders of the 288 mining leases expiring in two years, a top
official today said.

“Environment Ministry has agreed that there will be no need
to have a separate environment clearance(EC) and forest clearance
(FC) to the new lease holders (of the 288 mines) as it is
already allowed in the Coal Ministry.

“They (environment ministry) are in process of issuing necessary
orders for it,” Steel secretary Aruna Sharma said here.
She was speaking during India Mining Summit here.
Asserting that she was totally in favour of a single window
system, Sharma said the auction of the expiring leases ought to
be done in 2019. The leases of the 288 mines expire on March
31, 2020.

The Secretary added hat ministries of mines, steel and environment
are working together in this regard.
“I totally endorse the single window system….We can’t afford .
to slip 2019. It has to be put on the auction floor in 2019,” Sharma

Of the 288 mining leases, 59 are working leases, which give substantial
production of key minerals viz iron ore, manganese, chromite
ore etc.

The government had in March fixed the deadline at April 1, 2019
for general exploration of these 288 mining leases.
The development followed amendment to the Mineral Conservation
and Development Rules, 2017.

The government had said the auction process needs to be initiated
well in advance to ensure a seamless transition from the existing
to the new lessees so that mineral production is not affected
due to expiry of these leases.

Earlier, the Centre had issued a directive which mentioned that
all the existing leases have to be brought to an exploration level of
G2 (general exploration) or G1 (detailed exploration) in five years’


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